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and tomorrow lisa rinna is my co-host. and thank you for watching. hoda get her book. >> and drink. on wednesday! [applause] [cheering] right now, a s.w.a.t. situation going on in the south bay. we're learning details about new flu-related deaths in the bay area. and just a few days away from the super bowl, the two
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head coaches talk about facing off with each other.
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there's the -- determined to be a fairly high threat to the community. >> the violent man police say they've captured -- police say they've captured. we just got word that san jose police have arrested a man they describe as a career criminal. the operation by san jose's merge unit happened this morning at center and lewis roads. we got this video into the newsroom just within the past 45 minutes and showing the police activity. police identified the suspect as 30-year-old mitchell pope. they say he's wanted in at least two alleged shootings and perhaps more. he apparently kept changing his looks to evade place. >> we do believe this individual has gang ties. a very violent individual overall. it's not uncommon you will see one individual with this amount
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of violence on the city streets of san jose. >> police say he's in custody on attempted murder charges. two women are recovering after a bizarre and violent home-invasion ra robbery in san jose this -- robbery in san jose this morning. the two women were in their home on mahoney drive when they heard someone breaking into their car just before 2:00 a.m. when they yelled for the suspect to stop, police say he chased them into the house and punched one of them. a male suspect chased after him. the suspects went back to the home and allegedly stole multiple items. so far police have not made any arrests. the vicious flu season has claimed two more victims in the bay area. new at noon, janine de la vega joins us from sunshine with what we know about these latest death -- from san jose with what we know about these latest
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deaths. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. a news conference will be held here to tell us more about the two men who died from the flu. we have limited information. we know both men were homeless and under the age of 65. we don't know if they were vaccinated. health officials say it's not too late to get vaccinated for the flu. flu clinics have been held in recent weeks like this one in kaiser santa clara, the flu has reached epidemics, calling hundreds of people since 2009. a new report for the centers for disease control says there's been a slight decrease with 42 cases reporting widespread activity. that's down from 47 states from the previous report. doctors warn the country is not out of the clear. eight children died in the last week, bringing the total deaths of children in the country to 45. now, back out here live, here in california, we are not one of the states that has
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widespread activity and now with these two recent deaths here in santa clara county, that's cause for concern for the health department. we should know more in the next half-hour. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. it's a story we first brought you this morning at 4:30. an amber alert went out for an armed and dangerous man who allegedly abducted a child. brian flores is live now at oakland police headquarters with word the whole story was a hoax. >> reporter: hi, tori. amber alerts are taken very seriously. this one was issued around 4:30 and then canceled about four hours later. the man here won't be charged. but it's his girlfriend now who could face some serious problems. what was a very serious situation in the morning turned out to be nothing. >> the accusations of a
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violent, armed person, child abduction amber alert are very serious. it's dangerous for him, our community and for law enforcement. >> reporter: an all-out statewide amber alert was issued for isaza tolefree. police were on the look out for the 56-year-old kim tolefree leaved to be the child's father -- believed initially to be the child tea father. but after -- child's father. but after further investigation it turns out this child doesn't exist. >> this is not necessary. there's no child. like my sister was saying, my father's youngest kids are boys. you know, this baby so far that we know doesn't even exist. we just need this to go away. this is just ridiculous right now. >> reporter: according to family members and neighbors there was some some type of argument that happened at tolefree's home off 96th avenue. initially it was believed that tolefree hit his perfect and she took off in a car with the baby -- girlfriend and then she took off in a car with a baby.
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all of it is considered false. >> the most important thing, we don't have a child in danger.  that's always reassuring to the community. but at the same time, these are very -- very egregious allegations. we don't want anyone to abuse the amber alert system. >> reporter: but the investigation is far from over. while kim tolefree is off the hook for kidnapping, investigators say they will see if there's any truth to any domestic violence charges from the argument. as for the alleged mother, she could also face serious charges, including fall filing a false police report. >> there are no indications of a child living there. examples of diapers, children's toys, clothes. >> we know our father. he's never done anything like in this 56 years. why start now? it doesn't make any sense at all. >> reporter: family members say the dispute may have taken place over her alleged drug
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habit. while they say that kim tolefree has been frying to clean up his -- trying to clean up his life for a couple of years now. they do have her in for custody but would not elaborate further. back to you. >> thank you. sheriff deputies arrested a man for harassing a teen on a bus. a 59-year-old man kept harassing a teenaged girl. witnesses say hes -- say he was staring at her trying to get closer to her. the bus driver had to pull over. the city of oakland has introduced an i.d. card. it is both an i.d. card and debit card. this would help low-income residents and immigrants, they say, who don't have bank accounts. but critics fear users could be the target of fraud because the
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cards are inscribed with personal information. the independent monitor overseeing oakland police reform efforts says the department has taken a big step backward in the past year. the police specifically sites the police respond to the recent occupy protest. the report supports howard jordan who was trying to fire two officers and suspend 15 others for their treatments of the occupy protesters. the federal government could take over the police department if the department does not comply with its court-ordered reform. >> the u.s. and turkish governments gave different reports about who is responsible for a suicide bombing outside of the u.s. embassy. >> we do not know who is responsible or the motivations behind the attack. the attack itself is clearly an act of terror. >> however, the turkish government says the bomber was this man, a member of an
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outlawed group called the revolutionary people's liberation party front. it might have been in response to the arrest of some of its members. the blast killed the bomber and a turkish security guard. >> reporter: and early-morning fire here in oakland damages cars and trees and knocked out power to dozens of residents. we'll tell you why firefighters think it's suspicious. warmer temperatures now. but what's in store for your weekend? rosemary orozco will be there for you. students decked out in red and gold and we'll take you to colin kaepernick's alma mater. &c&c1 &c&c1 ds biscuits.
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an investigation is underway into an early-morning fire in oakland that's being called suspicious. several residents on the 2800 block of nicole near fruitvale avenue told us they called 911 for help around 2:00 this morning. ktvu had the only crew on scene. reporter claudine wong talked to both witnesses and the victims and has video of the fire as had shot flames 30 feet into the air. >> grandma? where are you at? >> reporter: you can hear a little panic in sal vau door's voice as he races to get his family out of his oakland apartment after seeing flames in the trees outside. he shot this video after 2:00
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this morning. >> i told my mom to grab the baby and my grandmother and we called 911. >> reporter: he wasn't the only one called 911. so was his neighbor, tony. >> my whole house was lit up. it was lit. we're okay now. >> reporter: firefighters got the fire out quickly but the 30- foot flames still knocked out power and damaged at least two cars. the woman who owns this one didn't what to go -- didn't want to go on camera but we were there when she saw -- when she saw it for the first time. >> i just got a phone call this morning like five minutes ago and she told me that it looked like my car that was in the fire because she recognized the street. i just moved here. >> reporter: this man just was not sure what to do when he saw the melted front bumper of his car. he needed to get to work in hayward. upset? >> yeah. >> reporter: angry? >> so-so. >> reporter: once pg&e crews got on scene, it took a couple of hours to replace damaged power lines and get electricity on to about 40 residents.
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firefighters say the fire is suspicious and those affected by it are certainly frustrated. >> i have a message for those people who thought it would be fun, it's not appropriate. >> reporter: a fire investigator was on scene and oakland police made a report on this. but for the people affected by the fire, like the owner of this car, which literally had its bumper melted off, today is less about the investigation and more about insurance. in oakland, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. super bowl fever spreading all across the bay area. some san francisco school children have certainly caught it. [ cheers ] >> that's right. just a few months ago, they held a rally for the giants and this morning they held a rally to wish the niners good luck.
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they had a clip look alike contest and doing their -- they had a colin kaepernick look alive contest and do doing their kaepernicking there. [no audio] >> reporter: hundreds of students rallied to the song kaepernick fever. the students donned 49 fever here today. usually, they are not allowed to wear hats and jerseys to schools. kaepernick made quite a name for himself here. he played football, basketball and baseball. the chicago cubs tried to draft him out of high school but his passion was always for football. >> i saw a lot of kids buying 49er gears, hats, jerseys.
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they really took part in this. again -- you know what? it's just the whole hometown pittman high school kaepernick connection. >> reporter: that's the principal of pittman high you just heard from. he said colin kaepernick was one of the first graduates of the high school shortly after it opened and kaepernick set the tone and tradition for students for years to come. reporting live from turlock, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, jade. stay with us for continuing coverage from new orleans. our ktvu team is bringing you live reports from the big easy in every newscast leading up to the super bowl. and on sunday night after the game, switch to channel 2 for a live local post-game show with fans in the bay area and new orleans. love locks are being removed from an overpass on the main street bridge over 17. folks put them there as a
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symbol of love. but town officials say they are a potential safety hazard. public works crews will remove them and store them at a yard until february 15th. the east bay spca and the east bay regional parks teamed up with the coast guard this morning to issue a warning for people who take their dogs to the beach. they strongly advise pet owners not to jump in and try to save their dogs if they get swept out into the water. at least seven people have died in the past four years along northern california beaches trying to do just that. the spca says dogs are often better swimmers than people and many times the dogs make it back to shore while their owners don't. they also warn dog owners not to throw toys into the waves for their pets to chase. conditions in santa clara county's foster center receiving center are being
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called woefully inadequate. the juvenile justice commission wants the street located immediately. they recently moved into the basement of a downtown medical building on east santa clara street. but a report by the justice commission says the rooms are uninviting and inspectors found abandoned medical equipment and glass outside of the building. it's shaping up to be another nice day outside our doors. mostly blue skies. hazy sunshine. giving you a live look over la fayette. at this hour, sitting at about 60 degrees. mid-50s to low 60s around the bay area. 56 in santa rosa. santa rosa, one of the only spots, slightly cooler than yesterday. 57 in oakland. 62 walnut creek, 62 in livermore, most of us anywhere from 4 to 6 degrees from 24 hours ago. for the afternoon, the temperatures will soar above average for this time of year,
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giving you a look here, mostly sunny skies. had some fog across the valley floor. that's broken up. we're looking at sunshine for your afternoon. i want to point you to a couple of items that will be impacting us for the weekend. minor changes in store. first it will come in the way of high clouds. i'm seeing some subtropical moisture pulling up into our area by tomorrow. high clouds overhead. meanwhile, a system in the gulf of alaska is bringing us large swells and that will impact our beaches. so we do have something to be aware of if you are heading toking beach for the weekend -- to the beach for the weekend, rip shores and the sneaker waves, be aware of those for the little ones who like to play on the beaches. we have chilly mornings for saturday. sunday, the patchy fog will be with us, mild afternoons and the swells lasting the entire weekend developing tonight and lasting through sunday. afternoon highs for today. low 60s in vallejo.
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66 for berkeley. 66 in oakland. 63 in san francisco. we could use some rain but it feels good out there. 67 for you, san jose. upper 60s morgan hill. 70 for gilroy as well as santa cruz. the extended forecast here, notice the clouds here, the ridge will drop. sunday looks to be the coolest day of the weekend. if you have the farmers market you are heading to, it will be chilly. monday and tuesday remain dry. temperatures will continue to cool. our first chance at rain looks like it may hold off until thursday now. >> thank you, rosemary. >> you got it. ahead of the super bowl festivity festivities -- super bowl festivities, the officials are asking you to celebrate
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safely. >> no matter the outcome, let's respect the city of san francisco. >> that means there will be no place for bad behavior when we win this thing. >> 49er fans are world class. let's show the world how great we are? >> who was it better -- who has it better than us? nobody. go, niners. >> also coming up -- a big day on wall street. the mark reached for the first time in over fire years -- over five years. and what 49er players were caught doing last night. at ikea, we don't just design furniture.
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we design good mornings. little experiments. big ideas. brighter ways. and better tomorrows you can take home today. imagine if everyday was just a little bit better for everyone.
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the dow crossed the 14,000 line today. last time it hit that mark was in october of 2007, before the financial crisis rocked the economy. experts disagree, to some it's a number only and investors are feeling more o mystic and thus more willing to invest. the nasdaq is up 35 and the s&p 500 up 14. one of the big reasons the dow was up is this morning's jobs report. according to the labor department, u.s. employers added 1 57,000 jobs in january and the unemployment rate was unchanged, at 7.9%. analysts say that could be because more people are starting toking look for work.
12:26 pm
january's report marks 35 consecutive months of job growth. the attack on the u.s. embassy in turkey comes on the same day that john kerry stakes over as secretary of state. kerry will be sworn in at the state department this afternoon. before starting his new job, kerry made his farewell tour across massachusetts yesterday. he said he wanted to thank the people he's represented in the senate for 29 years. and hillary clinton just gave her farewell speech to the state department this afternoon on her last day as secretary of state. this is video of clinton leaving home this morning for her last day on the job. clinton has said she looks forward to sleeping in after today. in her four years as secretary of state, clinton traveled nearly a million miles and visited 112 countries. san francisco's latest deadly attack has led to another somber vigil. last night dozens gathered at 11th and mission in the city's south of market area. they came to pray for a
12:27 pm
software salesman, a man they never met. police say he was mugged and beaten to death on this same street corner ten days ago. >> the world he's just another homicide victim. but in god's eyes, he's precious. >> these mourners laid almost 70 candles around the city last year to remember homicide victims. this was their fifth vigil for this year. san francisco's historic gold dust lounge will reopen today at a new location. the bar was forced to move from its original spot in union square last year after losing its lease. the new bar on jefferson street will have all of the decorations from the original bar. the grand eroping celebration is set to begin at 3:15 this -- reopening celebration is set to begin at 3:15 this morning. street starts is -- street smarts is kicking off its 9th
12:28 pm
year. it was started by a couples who children were killed by an impaired driver. the goal, educating bicyclists, drivers and pedestrians -- pedestrians about road safety. students participate by creating service ad campaigns and taking part in a walk bike challenge. 49er players are gearing up for the super bowl in the big easy. this is video courtesy of tmz catching frank gore michael crabtree making a trip to a legendary strip club on bowerren to street. the high-end club is three levels. more than 100 strippers were working last night when the superstars arrived. we're following breaking news out of fairfield. police tell us the body of a teenaged girl has been found in a park. we have a crew on the way. we'll have more on this story coming up at 5:00. thank you for trusting ktvu news. we'll see you the next time
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news breaks. be sure to join us at 5:00. we're always here for you at have a great weekend.

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